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August Finds & Faves

August 31, 2019

Roundup time! I feel like there have been so many great new (or new-ish) products on the market, that are better quality and better value than their existing competitors, and I am definitely here for it!

I’m excited to start a new monthly series covering all of these new types of products and more. I’ll be selecting a few of my favorite purchases of the month – all those things that I reach for again and again – and giving you all the details on why they’re great (and including some discount codes when I can!).

Alright, so let’s get started with August! Here are my favorite products – in clothing, beauty, and more – for this month.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using one of my links.

1. The Billie Razor

If you haven’t heard of and tried the Billie Razor, you’ve been seriously missing out. This razor is the best and – not to be dramatic or anything, but – it really is life changing. The shave lasts for at least a few days, and the only thing possibly better than that is that it is super affordable at just $9 for a pack of 4 razors. If you’re wondering why you’ve been spending so much on razors for the last decade, trust me, I’m right there with you.

The Deets: The starter pack with the razor handle, a (really cool) magnetic holder for your shower, and two razors is only $9. Refills of four razors are also $9. You can start a recurring order and cancel or change the interval between orders whenever you like.

You can purchase a starter pack here using my referral link. Billie also carries shaving cream, lotion, and other beauty products. I have pretty dry skin and I’ve found that the shaving cream really helps keep my skin from drying out. I have the body lotion set to ship with my next order, so I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on that too once it arrives!

2. Topshop Moto Jeans

I can’t explain how much I love these Topshop Moto High Waisted jeans. They are absolutely perfect for petites. I am 5’2″ and I ended up trying both the regular and petite lengths, and opted for the regular since the petite hit just above my ankle (these are ankle-length jeans). I didn’t want to chance that they would shrink and end up too short, but if you are my height and don’t put your jeans in the dryer, petite would probably work well. If you’re shorter than me, definitely go with petite.

Why I love These: The ripped knees are so on trend, the high waist hits at the perfect height, and they are really soft and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. These jeans are $75 (on sale right now for $60!!) and I would pay double that, because they are that good.

3. Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

favorite products for august - function of beauty

Function of Beauty is another in the trend of custom beauty/self care products tailored specifically to you and your needs. They currently only sell shampoo and conditioner.

How It Works: Get started by taking a quiz where you cite your hair type, any issues with your hair, and areas you would like to focus on (e.g. dryness, color care, straightening, etc.). You decide the bottle size, color of the formula, and even the scent.

I was a little reticent to try the conditioner, because I’m very particular about conditioner since my hair tends to be on the drier side, but the conditioner I purchased works really well, and I’m noticing that my hair is actually drier when I use my old conditioner.

So, if you’re looking for a change in your hair care, Function of Beauty is definitely worth a try (and shipping is free!). You can get $5 off your first purchase through this link.

4. Natori Bras

After trying these two Natori bras, I’m about 99.9% positive I won’t ever buy a different brand of bra. Their strapless bra is by far the best one I’ve ever owned, and their regular bras, especially the Rose Dream Underwire, are insanely comfortable.

Why I Love It: I’ve always had issues with strapless bras sliding down or flattening my chest out, being too much of a push up, or gapping at the sides. You name it, I’ve tried it, and there’s always something that’s just not quite right. One of my favorite bloggers, Hey Nasreen, recommended this bra, essentially saying it’s the greatest strapless bra ever, and she was so right. It fits perfectly and stays in place all day — there’s no awkward tugging or pulling necessary with this one. The Rose Dream underwire bra with straps is also incredibly soft, and equally well-fitting. Snug but not too tight, no gaps, and the perfect amount of support.

I promise you won’t regret buying either of these! At $64, the strapless is on the pricier side, but absolutely worth every penny. (Note: The Rose Dream is currently 40% off!)

5. Baby Bling Waffle Bun Headband

favorite products for august - Baby Bling Wafflebun headband

The Deets: If you have a baby girl, Baby Bling has the softest, prettiest headbands, hands down. They come in tons of colors, and the material is soft and gentle, never leaving any kind of scary indentation or marks on your baby’s head. Baby girl also seems to love it, as she actually leaves them on her head all day.

I purchased this wafflebun style for the first time during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’m hooked. They also have a few different colors and styles available on Amazon (and they’re Prime, so shipping is free!).

6. Care/Of Vitamins

favorite products for august - Care/Of vitamins

I’ve talked about Care/Of a bit on my Instagram stories before and am now going on several months of using these vitamins. I really love the ease and convenience they’ve created around the whole process of taking vitamins.

How It Works: Similar to Function of Beauty, you first take a quiz about your lifestyle, diet, etc. and based on this, you’re given a recommended set of daily vitamins to take. You can remove or add to the recommendations at any time, and also retake the quiz at any point to get updated options. The vitamins ship on a monthly basis (orders over $20 ship free) and you can skip or cancel at any time.

If you’re like me and usually have no idea what vitamins you should be taking, Care/Of is definitely worth a try! They also have a great deal for first-time buyers – you can get 50% off your first order.

Get 50% off your first order with Care/of!

Have you tried any of these products? Is there something you’re loving that’s not on this list? Share your favorites in the comments!

August Favorite Products

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