Back to School 2019

Back to School 2019: Sale Roundup and How to Stay Healthy

August 10, 2019

Happy back to school season!! I had to add in the extra exclamation there, because, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of relief flying around as the kids start heading back to school. My son started this week and he is a seriously high energy toddler who thrives in the structure and constant activity of school. He also really loves his preschool, so it’s a win all around.

Two things to cover: 1) How we are attempting to stay healthy this year, because school germs are no joke; and 2) Back to school sales! So many good deals going on. Let’s get to it.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using one of my links. So many thanks for your support!

How We Keep the Preschool Germs Away

Let’s talk healthy habits first. The first six months of preschool are tough, because your child will basically be in a petri dish and exposed to a bunch of germs he/she probably hasn’t been exposed to before. All that to say – it’s pretty inevitable that your child will be sick for a good chunk of the first six months. Hang tough.

Making sure your toddler washes their hands when they return home, and also keeping your own hands clean is the best defense. Outside of that, our family has a few products that we use as an extra defense.

For Your Toddler

1. Elderberry Syrup
sambucus elderberry extract

Elderberry extract is a natural immune system booster. This brand is safe for ages 1 and up, and tastes so yummy that my son shrieks happily when I ask if he’s ready to “take his juice.” When we started giving him this, I noticed he was sick less often and when he did get sick, it seemed to last for a shorter amount of time.

2. Multi-Vitamins & Probiotics
olly multi-vitamin probiotic

This combination multi-vitamin, probiotic gummy by Olly is suitable for kids age 2 and up. It has a little bit of sugar on it, so if that bugs you, this may not be the right vitamin for your family. However, the sugar definitely makes it easier to get a younger child to take their vitamin.

Multi-vitamins are great for filling in when you have a picky eater who may not be getting the variety of foods/vitamins they need. Probiotics help with digestion and gut balance/health. You can check out this Harvard Med School article for a bit more detail on the exact purpose of probiotics and potential benefits to taking them.

For the Parents

We are sadly side casualties of the illnesses our kids bring home. I haven’t been as consistently sick as I was when my son first started school in, well, ages. It took a toll for sure.

1. Elderberry Gummies

Same brand as those we use for our toddler, just made for adults. These are in gummy form and an easy one to pop in daily.

2. Care/of

Care/of is a vitamin company that creates a personalized set of vitamins for you based on a quiz you take about your lifestyle, eating habits, needs, etc., and mails them to you monthly. I receive a probiotic from them, as well as an immune booster to help ward off sickness. I really love the customization and they have great customer service. You can get $40 off your first purchase through this link.

Sale Roundup!

Ok, there are some really good sales going on at some of my favorite retailers for the kids. I’m only shopping for my son this time around, so this is just a sampling of my favorites that I found for toddler boys.

Hanna Andersson | Back to School items starting at $15

I love the quality of Hanna Andersson’s clothes, and the sale includes some great basics and tees. Their sueded jersey material is a little a thicker so it’s perfect for fall.

Hanna Andersson sale items
Slub Jersey Baseball Tee – $15 // Sueded Jersey Doublesleeve Tee – $19 // Sidestripe Sweatshirt – $19 // Mixable Leggings – $15

Janie & Jack | 20% off rompers & dresses and up to 70% off sale styles

Janie & Jack has been having a lot more sales lately, which is really exciting since their quality is top-notch and they are my go-to for more formal clothing. Right now there are some great finds in the 70% off sale styles.

Janie & Jack sale items
Slub Pocket Tee – $15.99 // Striped Roll-Cuff Shirt – $28.99 // Striped Slub Pocket Tee – $15.99 // Embroidered Pique Polo – $12.99
Janie & Jack sale items
Knit Shirt – $12.99 // Linen Roll-Cuff Shirt – $14.99 // Plaid Linen Shirt – $12.99 // Pull-on Twill Short – $20.99

Old Navy | Items on sale for $2, $4, $6, and $8, plus 30% off your purchase

Old Navy has amazing prices right now and I’m always pleasantly surprised with how well the clothes hold up (the baseball tee is so inexpensive and has washed well!).

Old Navy sale items
Giraffe Basketball Graphic Tee – $5 // Raglan-Sleeve Baseball Tee – $4.97-$6.00 // Relaxed Jersey-Waist Pull-On Jeans – $17

BabyGap | 40% off everything (no exclusions!), plus an extra 10% off online purchases

A notch up from Old Navy, and some really amazing deals when you take the extra 40% and 10% off. The windbreaker is such a steal!

Baby Gap sale items
Toddler Jersey-Lined Windbuster – $13.49 // Toddler Double-Weave Convertible Shirt – $16.17 // Toddler Long Sleeve Polo Shirt – $10.77

Happy shopping!



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