Women’s Gift Guide: Favorite Amazon Gifts Under $50

October 9, 2020

Best Gifts for Women on Amazon

Hey guys! So as I’m starting to write this, there’s less than three months until Christmas. Where did this year go? Although to be fair, I think most of us are ready for 2020 to be over, so maybe we’re more ready for the holidays than we think.

If you are one of those people who struggles to think of gifts for your spouse or partner to get you, or is just looking for a little help with finding that perfect gift for your sisters or mom, this gift guide is for you.

And, in the spirit of getting things quickly – since mail still seems to be a bit delayed these days – and also in the spirit of budgets, because…2020, I’m going to share my favorite gifts for women from Amazon, for under $50.

Enjoy, and let me know your favorites in the comments – on this list or not!

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Amazon Gift Ideas for Her Under $50

1 // Air Fryer – I’ve had my eye on getting an air fryer for awhile, so I don’t own this one yet, but it gets great reviews, especially for being much less inexpensive than most at just under $50.

This air fryer is on the smaller side, so keep that in mind! It’s best suited for 1-2 people.

2 // Hydroflask – This water bottle was on my list last year, and it continues to make it onto my list of favorite purchases from Amazon.

I’m due for a new one after dropping mine a million times on very hard gym floors, but it lasted for years, and it really keeps your drink ice cold. Great for helping any woman stay hydrated throughout the day.

3 // Memory Foam Slippers – These Jessica Simpson slippers get amazing reviews (in the thousands), for being super soft and cozy. Plus, the price is great.

4 // Simplified Planner – I have recently become a really big fan of Simplified planners, and purchased one to use next year. They have a very simple layout that you can tailor completely to your day, and they have hands down the most beautiful covers out of all of the big planners out there.

This version on Amazon is a collab with At a Glance, so the paper quality is not quite as high as their standard one sold on Emily Ley’s website, but they still get great reviews, and I love the layout. If you’re looking for a smaller planner, these also come in a 5.5″ x 8.5″ size.

5 // Mama Bear Buffalo Plaid Slippers – Two pairs of slippers on the list, but I love that these say “Mama Bear”, and who doesn’t love plaid?

6 // Echo Dot – If you’re looking for something a little cheaper than the standard Alexa, the Dot is a great substitute. Small, really affordable, and super handy features. My new favorite thing is to use these for any kitchen timers I need while cooking.

7 // Yeti Tumbler – I consider my Yeti mug a mom-necessity. There’s nothing like trying to drink your coffee or tea in the morning and trying to mom at the same time – it just doesn’t work. haha!

The one downside to the mug is that it’s too big for car cupholders, so this tumbler is definitely on my own Christmas list.

8 // Individual Weighted Blanket – This blanket gets fantastic reviews, and the price is great. Weighted blankets help create that extra cozy feeling and legitimately help you sleep better.

9 // Spa Headband – I love these spa headbands. They’re great for using when you’re washing your face, or putting on makeup. Comfortable, cute colors, and a great price.

10 // Essential Oil Diffuser – This diffuser is also a favorite of ours. I use this occasionally with a lavender essential oil to help me relax at night, and I love it. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and small, so it doesn’t take up a ton of space on your nightstand.

11 // Kate Spade Necklace – Kate Spade is great for its simple, classic style. These necklaces get great reviews and are perfect if you want to get someone their initial or their kids initials. Simple and goes with everything.

12 // High Waist Pocket Leggings – These leggings are everything that I love – so soft, high waisted, and really affordable. They stay up well throughout the day, but the best feature: they have pockets! Cue the cheers.

I also love that these are ankle length, which means they don’t bunch up at all at the bottom if you’re on the shorter side (I’m 5’2″ and the length is perfect.).

Also love these pocket leggings, which are just as soft, and actually even more affordable.

Women’s Amazon Gift Guide: The Splurge List

If you’re ready to stretch your budget a little or looking for that one “big gift,” these are some of my favorite gifts on Amazon for women.

1 // Kindle Paperwhite – I have an older Kindle that I love, but the Paperwhite is the most up to date and has some great features. So good for encouraging “me” time and some self care.

2 // Echo Spot – I’m a big fan of the Amazon Echo devices, if you can’t tell! This is one for your nightstand that works as an alarm clock and has a small display.

3 // Airpods – My airpods are my most favorite purchase from Amazon this whole year!

The price is pretty on par – and actually less than some of the other similar quality wireless earbuds on the market. Airpods work very well, the sound quality is great (something I am super picky about), and setup is easy. Especially great for a Mac or iPhone user, because of the seamless setup.

4 // Amazon Echo Show – Great for the kitchen. Large display for recipes, weather, and more. My parents have this one, and I want to quietly snag it from their house every time!

5 // Weighted Blanket – A more expensive weighted option than the one above, but also gets absolutely amazing reviews and will fit two people. This one also comes with a pretty, soft minky duvet cover, and several color options.


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Affordable Gifts on Amazon for Women

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